About Me
My name is Amanda Winslow. I've been collecting model horses since I
was 5 years of age. My very first horse was the Breyer Western Horse in
palomino (#57). After that, I was hooked! :)

I currently collect Breyer, Stone, North Light, and varying other brands
of model horses. My collection numbers well over 500 models at this
point. What's that? You want to see pictures of my collection? Are you
sure? Well, you asked for it...

The Collection

Congas and Completed Sets

And, if you just really like the abuse...

Signed and Rare Models (Coming Soon!)
Here I am! :D
In 1999, I decided to try and start customizing model horses. It isn't as
easy as you might think. Model horse artists are perfectionists.
Everything about a real horse should be copied down to the last detail in
miniature. What some of the model horse world's artists can do with
sculpture and paint is absolutely amazing!

I have yet to tackle sculpting an entire horse on my own, but I do paint
and customize to a certain extent. You can see my custom models
As you can tell, they are arranged by year. As you go through, I hope you
will take note that I have improved some over the past several years.
However, I am still learning and feel I have a long way to go before I am
satisfied with my work.

My older customs were not signed. As a beginner, I did not realize the
importance of signing one's work. However, my later customs are signed.
Sometimes, the signature is that of my maiden name, Amanda Walker.
Me at the grave of The Godolphin Arabian just outside of Cambridge, England.
Something I am frequently asked to do is take commissions.
Unfortunately, I cannot take time out for requested work. As you can see
from my gallery, especially the past couple of years, I am VERY slow. In
a typical year, I will only complete 1-2 models.

The reason for this is simple- I work. I don't customize model horses for a
living. It is simply a hobby. The other reason for my slowness is the fact
that I usually paint in oils. Some models take a week or more to dry,
especially in the winter.

I am trying to get into painting with pastels. The draw for me with pastels
is the absolute LACK of drying time. It goes on dry! The results I have
seen are also very impressive and I want to use pastels to achieve more
realistic model colors (dapples, anyone?). If I can do that, hopefully I can
churn out more models a year.

To be completely honest, most of the models I paint are those I intend to
keep. Others are intended as gifts. However, on rare occasions, I do sell
customs on Ebay. If you would like to be notified when one of my customs
goes up for sale, please
contact me and I will keep your email handy. :)