Ariana is a unicorn mare that was customized from a Breyer Stablemate
Morgan mare. Her name, in Welsh, means "silvery". She was in pitiful
condition when I received her. She had no mane, no tail, and was missing her
weight-bearing foreleg. Not to mention the dried gunk that was all over her!
With a little imagination and a lot of epoxy putty, the pathetic little thing
became a creature of legend! :-) I sculpted a horn, leg feathering, new mane, a
lion's tail, and a new foreleg for Ariana, as well as carving her nostrils, ears,
and hooves. I also carved a split into each of her hooves to give them a cloven

Ariana is owned by Amy Hathaway.
These photos were taken by Nicole Adriano of
Foxfire Grove Stables...