Blue-Eyed Ben
Ben- left side with brown eye
Ben- right side with blue eye
Ben is a black Clydesdale gelding with high-whites and one blue eye, modeled
after a real Clydesdale gelding owned by Express Clydesdales. He is a simple
repaint from a Horses 2000 porcelain Clydesdale which fell off the shelf and
suffered from two broken legs. D: Luckily for me, his paint job was rather
horrid, so I took the opportunity to give him a new look. XD

Ben was painted in oils and acrylics and sealed with several coats of matte
finishing spray. His eyes, inner nostrils, and hooves have been glossed for

Ben is a part of my personal collection and is not for sale or trade.
Ben's face has such a cute expression!
NAN-Qualified 2011/2012!!!