Itty Bitty Betty
Itty Bitty Betty is a Nafre resin by Katlyn Cooper of Grain of Sand Studios.
She is smaller than the typical micro mini size models, which make her itty
bitty indeed! ;-)
Betty was hand-painted entirely in oils under a lighted magnifying glass to
a lovely shaded bay. Despite the fact that she is super-small, I still tried to
put in as many details as possible. As you can see, she has everything
from tiny painted chestnuts to minuscule eye whites.
Betty's teeny eyes, hooves, and nostrils were painstakingly glossed
for further realism in this tiny equine!
"So, just how small is Itty Bitty Betty?"
For those of you familiar with Breyer model horses, here is
Betty, unpainted, standing next to a Breyer Stablemate foal.
And here is Betty standing with all four of her little hooves on a penny! D:
Betty, looking like a fairy's mount, standing next to my husband's hand.
"Showing" off...
Prior to taking her to her new owner, I took Betty with me to Red Dirt Roundup
2012, the largest live model horse show in Oklahoma. You can barely see her,
looking like a speck on the vast table. Unfortunately, she didn't place, which is
the sad lot in life for many tiny resins. It is far easier for a judge to see the
details on a larger model.
Betty being dwarfed by my two fantasy entries, Ragnarok and Koira. XD
Betty hamming it up on Ragnarok's foreleg. XD
Betty is owned by my mother-in-law, Martha Winslow. Here she is at her
new home, standing on a shiny penny. Beside her is a minuscule
blown-glass Pegasus that Martha picked up in Italy. Betty doesn't feel so
small with him at her side! XD