Champagne Elegance
Champagne Elegance is a Sarah Rose Mini Independence resin painted
entirely in oils by Dragonfire Designs to a creamy classic champagne color.
This little lady is about the size of a Breyer Stablemate and packed
with charisma. She has lovely, subtle shading...
Champagne Elegance took me approximately 11.5 hours to paint.
This does not include the time it took to prep the model or mix paints.
This pretty gal has carefully painted hair details on her
mane and tail...
Champagne Elegance has hazel eyes and pink skin with mottling, just
like a true champagne horse...
This girl's eyes, hooves, and inner nostrils were
glossed for realism...
She even has little sculpted shoes
that I painted silver! ;-)
Mottled udders! XD

It's hard to properly sign your name on such a petite
belly! >_<

Champagne Elegance is a part of my own personal
collection and is not for sale or trade...