My Collection
The main shelf.
The two pictures here, above and below, are of the same shelf, taken from different
angles. This is where most of my collection of 500+ models resides. My father-in-law
designed and built these specifically for my collection. Grudgingly, I've allowed my
husband one whole shelf for some of his Star Wars collectibles, LOL. XD
Another view of the main shelf.
Some models on top of a DVD cabinet. Just above is some beautiful wood art from India. :)
The rest of my collection isn't so lucky. They perch wherever there is space....
The crowded top of a chest-of-drawers.
And, then, there are those poor souls banished to the closet
for lack of room... :(
Breyer horses and animals.
Breyer horses and animals, plus a few Hartlands.
More Breyer critters.