Congas and Completed Sets
On this page you'll be able to see completed sets of models as well as what we in
the model horse hobby call "congas". A conga is simply a group of the same
model, just in a different color (or even customized). Personally, I define a conga
as 4 or more of the same model. However, some define "conga" differently
(anywhere from 2 or more of the same model to 6 or more of the same model).

** Note: I am still adding photos to this page. This is in NO WAY all of the
congas in my collection! ;) **
A Breyer Fighting Stallion conga. From left to right these lovely gentlemen are:
"Ragnarok", a custom dragon-horse; #34 OF "King" in glossy charcoal (1961-1971);
#32 OF "King" in glossy gray appaloosa (1961-1967); #701400 OF SR "Atlas" (2000);
#712062 OF SR "King" buckskin Vintage Club model (2012); #400196 OF SR
"Sierra" (1996); and #35 OF "King" in matte bay (1961-1987).
A Breyer G3 Stablemate Tennessee Walking Horse conga. The one on far left is an
OF SR from the 2010 JC Penney Parade of Breeds set. The rest of these lovely ladies
are a completed set of the 2009 Breyerfest Single-Day Ticket SRs, "Funfetti"
(#711209). From left to right, their colors are: Purple Filigree, Wedgewood,
Copenhagen, Gold Charm, and Florentine.
A Breyer Huckleberry Bey conga. From left to right these handsome fellows are:
#700109 OF SR "Nutcracker Prince" 2009 Holiday Horse; #712060 OF SR
"Enchanted"; OF SR "Paradigm" (2001); #711116 OF SR "Technicolor" (2010);
and #472 OF "Huckleberry Bey" (1999) (shown here with a custom base).
A stunning Breyer Missouri Fox Trotter conga which contains a completed set of the
Just About Horses 2000 Gambler's Choice SR, "Fanfare", which was the Breyer 50th
Anniversary model produced in 4 Decorator colors. From left to right, they are shown
in Gold Charm, Wedgewood, Florentine, and Copenhagen. The two models at far right
are: #750198 OF SR "Snowflake" (blanket not shown) (1998) and #971 OF LE "Iron
Metal Chief" (1997)
And here is a Secretariat conga! Starting at the far left is #711197 OF SR bay
Secretariat (1997) and #700197 OF SR "King of Hearts" (1997). The remaining three
models are all different portrait models or tribute models to the great Secretariat
himself. Starting with the one on the left we have #770598 OF SR Triple Crown 25th
Anniversary Edition Secretariat with his included garland of roses (1998). Then we
have #410435 OF SR Gold Charm Secretariat (signed by Peter Stone) from 1990,
made as a tribute to Secretariat after he was put down in 1989. And, finally, we have
#497510 OF SR glossy Secretariat (1990).
This regal quartet make up my Proud Arabian Stallion conga. From left to right, they
are: #804 OF rose gray PAS (1989-90); #700199 OF SR "Kalico" (1999); #972 OF
Commemorative Edition "Freedom" (1997); and #712061 OF SR "Harlequin"
Vintage Club model (2012).
Here is a conga of Five-Gaiters! Starting from left to right, they are: #712091 OF
SR "Commander" Vintage Club model (2013); #1129 OF "Rhett"(2001); #1130 OF
"Firefly" (2001); #400294 OF SR "Moon Shadows" (1994); #700298 OF SR "A
Class Act" (1998); and #904 "CH Imperator" (1994-95).
And here is a conga of Rejoice models! From left to right, these lovely ladies are:
#700106 OF SR "Snow Princess" 2006 Holiday Horse; #701300 OF SR
"Champagne Toast" (2000); #90156 OF SR "Pandora" 2010 Connoisseur Model;
and #770798 OF SR "Rejoice (1998).
Would you look at these elegant fellows? This is an American Saddlebred conga!
Starting on the far left, they are: #700116 OF SR "Holiday on Parade" 2013 Holiday
Horse; #711163 OF SR "Ryman" (2013); OF SR JAH 30th Anniversary Edition ASB
in Wedgewood (2005); OF SR JAH 30th Anniversary Edition ASB in Florentine
(2005); #1421 OF SR "Diamond Jubilee" (2010); #701401 OF SR "Odyssey" (2001);
and #571 OF 50th Anniversary Edition ASB on clock (2000).
These guys are some of my favorites! I have always loved the Sham model ever since I
was a kid. And here are seven of them! From left to right, they are: #410 OF "The
Godolphin Arabian" (1984-88); #497510 OF SR glossy "The Godolphin Arabian"
(1990); #410301 OF SR "Lavinia" (2001); #751 1999 Limited Edition "Copper";
#711197 OF SR bay tobiano Sham (1997); #703397 OF SR "Seth" (1997); and #710410
OF SR "Galaxias" porcelain Sham (1991).
And here is a lovely Weather Girl conga! On the far left, there is #712047 OF SR
"Mont Tremblant" (2011). The rest of these ladies comprise a complete set of the
original Weather Girl OFs, along with the final treasure model, "Rainbow" from 2011.
They are, from left to right: #1465 OF SR "Rainbow"; #1462 OF "Thunderstorm";
#1464 OF "Partly Cloudy"; and #1463 OF "Sunny".
Let's mix in some Stone horses now! This noble quartet make up my conga of Stone
Percherons! From left to right, they are: #9601 OF Stone First Edition Percheron
"MG's Prince" (1996-97); #6200 OF red roan Percheron (1999-2000); OF SR "Blue
Rose" (2007); and OF SR Factory Custom "My Bonnie" (Equilocity 2011).
Look at this handsome bunch, a conga of Stone Ideal Stock Horses! Starting from
the far left, we have: OF SR Factory Custom "Seeker" (2009); OF SR "Little
Bird" with Native American tack (1999); #0962 OF SR "Comet" 2000 Holiday
Horse with wreath; #9965 OF "Y2K" Stone Millennium Horse (2000); and #9960
OF Stone First Edition Ideal Stock Horse "Pretty Consecutive" (1999).
And here is a gorgeous conga of Stone Trotting Drafters! From left to right, they are: OF
Factory Custom OOAK "Smokin' Hot" 2011 Auction Model; OF SR Factory Custom
"Happy Camper" (2011); OF SR Factory Custom "Best Boy" (2009); #9634 OF SR
1998 Holiday Horse; and #9731 OF Stone First Edition Clydesdale "Travis" (1998).