Flame Alchemy
Flame Alchemy is a handsome 9" Hartland Arabian stallion
repainted to a flashy flaxen chestnut sabino half-Arabian gelding.
Flame was painted entirely in oils by Dragonfire Designs, a
process which took over 17 hours to complete.
Flame's chestnut color is dark and rich with beautiful, golden shading.
Flame Alchemy has
hand-painted hair detailing on
the ends of his mane and along
the edges of his markings....
Flame's eyes, hooves, inner nostrils, and mouth
edges were glossed to achieve a greater sense
of realism.
Flame's left eye is brown,
while his right eye is a
"partial blue" eye. This
occurs when a horse has an
eye that is half-blue,
Flame's hoof detail....
Flame Alchemy is owned by Mischala Walker...