Hall of Champions
These are some of my models (horses and otherwise) that have done well in the
photo and live show circuits. I have about 200 models that I show, but the
model must receive a Champion (or Reserve Champion) placing or qualify for
NAN (North American Nationals) in a class or show before it is added to the
Hall of Champions.

Each model has their statistics listed up through 3rd Place and the placings
are color-coded to make them easier to scan. If a model has placed in a certain
class more than once it will be shown as a number in parentheses after the
class listing. So far I have only participated in a few live shows, but those
credits will be listed as well.

If there is a "*" after a model's name, it means that the model has been sold
or, for some other reason, is not being shown by me anymore.
Custom Champions
Original Finish Champions:
Live Show Champions
Artist Resin Champions
* Breyer

* Peter Stone

* Other Make
* Breyer

* Peter Stone

* Custom

* Resin

* Other