Custom Champions
Model: CM Breyer Misty's Twilight

Show name: "Bubbles at Midnight"

Photo show credits:
- CM Champion TWO TIMES!!!
- Mare Champion
- CM Senior Reserve Champion
- Color Reserve Champion
- CM Sport breed Reserve Champion FIVE TIMES!!!
- CM Reserve Champion
-1st Place- Mares (5), Liberty grade breed, Appaloosa color (4), TB/WB/SpH (2),
Other mixed or pure sport breed (7), CM Traditional Breyer, Repaint (2),
Jason's Choice (2), and Best of Show classes
-2nd Place- Mare (4), Other/mixed sport breed, Appaloosa color (4), Liberty (4),
CM Breyer (3), Repaint, and Best name classes.
-3rd Place- Appaloosa color (4), Grade breed, Other sport breed, CM Breyer,
Liberty (3), Judge's Choice, and Best Name out of 500+ models!
Bubbles at Midnight
Model: CM Breyer Fighting Stallion

Show name: "Ragnarok"

Photo show credits:
- Custom Grand Champion
- Other Breed Champion FIVE TIMES!!!
- Custom Reserve Champion
- Longear/Exotic/Fantasy/Decorator Reserve Champion
-1st Place- CM Stallion/Male, Fantasy (8), Other breed (3), Fantasy color (4), CM Breyer,
and Drastic CM (6) classes
-2nd Place- Other Breed (2), Fantasy (9), Fantasy color (8), Rearing, CM Stallion, CM
Other Pure Breed, CM Repaint/Rehaired (3), and CM by Owner (3) classes
-3rd Place- CM Stallion, Fantasy (8), Fantasy color (4), Fantasy/Decorator Headstudy (2),
CM By Owner, Other color, and CM Repaint/Rehaired classes

Live show credits:
- Fantasy/Decorator Reserve Champion at Red Dirt Roundup 2012!!! (He lost the
Champion slot to my very own
- 1st Place- CM Fantasy Animal at Breyerfest Live 2008 and CM/AR Fantasy Equine
Types at Red Dirt Roundup 2010!!!
- 2nd Place- CM/AR Fantasy/Decorator at Red Dirt Roundup 2012
- 3rd Place- CM Other breed at Mid-Ark Model Horse Live 2002
Model: CM Breyer Grazing Mare

Show name: "Laylah"

Photo show credits:
- CM Other Breed Champion
- Liberty Reserve Champion
- 1st Place- CM Exotics, Fantasy (2), Scratching/grazing
position, and Black (3) classes
- 2nd Place- Unicorn, Fantasy (2), Mare (2), Black (5), and
CM Traditional Breyer classes
- 3rd Place- Fantasy/Decorator, Fantasy color, CM by owner,
and Grade breed (2) classes
Majestuoso de Oro
Model: CM Breyer Legionario

Show name: "Majestuoso de Oro"

Photo show credits:
- CM Champion
- 1st Place- Decorator/Fantasy color (3), Metallic color,
Spanish type, and Andalusian/Lusitano (2) classes
- 2nd Place- Stallion, Light breed, CM by owner, and
Fantasy color (7) classes
- 3rd Place- Fantasy color (6) and CM By Owner classes
Gypsy Wind
Model: CM 11" Hartland Arabian Stallion

Show name: "Gypsy Wind"

Photo show credits:
- CM Reserve Grand Champion
- CM Finish Champion
- 1st Place- Part-Arab (3), Bay/brown (2), Hartland (4),
Stone/Other plastic, and Repaint classes
- 2nd Place- Senior stallion and Hartland (5) classes
- 3rd Place- CM Half-Arab (2), CM Bay/brown (3), Repaint (2),
and CM Other classes
Model: CM Breyer Stock Horse Stallion

Show name: "Storm Warning"*

Photo show credits:
- CM Finish Champion
- Color Champion TWO TIMES!!!
- CM Division Reserve Champion
- CM Finish Reserve Champion
- Senior Reserve Champion
- Stock Breed Reserve Champion
- 1st Place- Senior stallion (2), Paint (4), Pinto color (4), CM Breyer (2), and
Repaint/Rehaired (5) classes
- 2nd Place- Senior stallion, Paint (3), Pinto color (3), CM Breyer,
Repaint/Rehaired, and Jason's Choice classes
- 3rd Place- Stallion (2) and Judge's Choice classes
Storm Warning
Model: CM Breyer SM Morgan Stallion

Show name: "Danica"*

Photo show credits:
- Other Breed Reserve Champion
- 1st Place- Fantasy
- 2nd Place- Fantasy
- 3rd Place- Other color, Fantasy, and CM Other pure classes
Blue-Eyed Ben
Model: CM Stallions USA/Horses 2000 porcelain Clydesdale gelding

Show name: "Blue-Eyed Ben"

Photo show credits:
- 1st Place- CM Clydesdale/Shire

Live show credits:
- NAN-Qualified Halter 2011/2012!!!
- NAN-Qualified Halter 2012/2013!!!
- NAN-Qualified Halter 2013/2014!!!
- NAN-Qualified 2016/2017/2018/2019!!!
- TRIPLE NAN-Qualified 2017/2018/2019/2020!!!
- Champion CM Draft/Longear at Stone Age Live 2011!!!
- 1st Place- CM Draft and CM Clydesdale/Shire classes
- 2nd Place- CM Clydesdale/Shire (2), CM British Drafts, CM
Purebred Drafts,  and CM Clydesdales/Shires (Workmanship) classes
Model: CM ceramic unicorn

Show name: "Nightmane"

Photo show credits:
- Breed Champion
- 1st Place- CM Unicorn and CM Repaint (2)
- 2nd Place- CM Unicorn, CM Repaint (3),
and CM By Owner (3) classes
- 3rd Place- CM Stallion, CM Repaint (2),
and RRH Male classes