Other Live Show Champions
This little cutie is a Hartland "Blessing" that I
show under the name
Farasha, which is Arabic
for "butterfly". Cajun Country Live 2013 was
her first live show and she did quite well! She
received 1st (Collectability) and 2nd (Breed)  in
the OF Hartland/Other Plastic Foals class and
then went on to win RESERVE CHAMPION
OF Breyer/Hartland/Other Plastic Foal
(Collectability)! :-)
This handsome boy is a Copperfox Irish
Sports Horse named "Finnigan". His show
name is
Dal Riata and Cajun Country Live
2017 was his first live show. As you can see,
he placed 1st in the OF Breyer/Other Other
Sport Breed class and then went on to receive
Champion OF Breyer/Other Sport Breed!