Koira is a Debbie Lermond Tempest resin painted entirely
in oils by Dragonfire Designs. The equine portion of her
body is that of a buckskin overo, while the fish portion of
her body is painted to resemble that of a Japanese koi.
The Tempest is a large traditional-sized fantasy resin
which portrays a mythical creature, a hippocampus, or
merhorse. It was originally produced as a trophy piece,
painted silver, and given away as a prize at a large live
model horse show. As I understand it, very few of these
were purchased and painted.
Koira took 38 hours to complete. This is painting
time ONLY. It does not include the time it took to
prep and primer the resin, nor does it include the time
it took to mix paints.
Koira's base was painted using Duochrome
Aquamarine mixed with black, to give it this
dark and stormy metallic color. When in enough
light, the base changes from blue to green.
Koira's equine markings are all crisp and beautifully
mapped. The piscine portion of her body is clearly
delineated by the sudden appearance of her black
koi markings.
Koira's left eye is the same stormy
blue as her base, while her right eye is
ordinary brown. Looking at her like
this, she looks just like a normal
horse, doesn't she?
Like all Dragonfire Designs customs,
Koira's eyes, inner nostrils, inner mouth,
and hooves have been glossed for realism.
The equine portion of her body is sealed
with many coats of matte finishing spray,
while her tail and base were sprayed
likewise with many coats of gloss spray.
Koira is part of my own personal
collection and is not for sale or trade.
See Koira's show winnings here!