Raindance Maggie
Raindance Maggie is an Ed Gonzales Summer Symphony resin. She is
approximately the size of a Breyer Little Bit/Paddock Pal.
This little beauty was painted entirely in oils to a lovely black leopard appaloosa
Knabstrupper mare. The entire painting process for her took me about 20 hours
total. This is painting time ONLY. It does not include the time it took to prep
and primer the resin, nor does it include the time it took to mix paints.
As you can see, Maggie has pinking in all of the right places, those
areas which, on a real horse, the hair is thin or absent and the pink
skin underneath shows through.
Maggie's spots have been
given the utmost detail right
down to their edges! ;-)
Maggie's lovely dark brown eye...
Maggie's beautiful mottled muzzle...
Maggie's hooves include all the
extras, including painted-on shoe
Maggie's base, which was painted dark brown and then
dry-brushed with a lighter brown on top, plus multiple other
colors for the "stones" on the edges.
Maggie is a part of my own personal collection and is not for sale
or trade.

See Maggie's show winnings
here! This lovely lady qualified for
North American Nationals (NAN) in her very first live show!
Like all Dragonfire Designs
customs, Maggie's eyes, inner
nostrils, and hooves have been
glossed for realism.