Ragnarok is a Breyer Fighting Stallion customized into a glyph,
inspired by the very same beast which featured in Piers Anthony's
Harpy Thyme. A glyph is a magical creature with the front end of
a winged horse and the hind end of a dragon. This fellow was very
complicated and took me a year and a half to complete!

When I first received this model, it was missing one front leg and one
hind leg. I removed the remaining hind leg and transplanted it to the
foreleg and resculpted his hind legs into dragon's feet. Ragnarok also
has resculpted mane and leg feathering; and carved ears, front hooves,
and nostrils. His scales were put on one-by-one and his wings are resin,
sculpted by the amazingly talented Kathleen Moody.
Ragnarok took 1st Place in the
CM Fantasy Animal class at
Breyerfest Live 2008!!!! Go