Sierras Jet Smoke
aka "Brisbane"
Portrait Model
Sierras Jet Smoke- left side
Sierras Jet Smoke (aka Brisbane) is a custom Breyer Silver Lining resin
repainted to resemble the real stallion owned by Walker Farms. The real
Brisbane is a black double-homozygous APHA and PtHA registered Paint
with unusual markings. His extensive "pawprints", seen throughout his
white markings,  make him very unique.

This model of Brisbane was painted with a combination of oils, acrylics, and
colored pencils to a beautiful seal brown/black tobiano. His entire body has
been sealed with many layers of matte finishing spray and his eyes, hooves,
and inner nostrils have been glossed for realism.

This model is owned by the real Brisbane's owner, Mischala Walker.
Sierras Jet Smoke- right side
Brisbane's head and
Brisbane's leg detail
Sierras Jet Smoke at Walker Farms
Below: The real Sierras Jet Smoke. Click his
picture to see more of him!