"'To me! To me!'cried Theoden. 'Up Eorlingas! Fear no darkness!' But
Snowmane, wild with terror stood up on high, fighting with the air, and with a
great scream he crashed upon his side: a black dart had pierced him. The king fell
beneath him..."
Snowmane is a drastic custom made from a Breyer Polo Pony. It took me two long
years of working whenever I had spare time to finish this guy; he was VERY difficult to
paint! Snowmane is a portrait of King Theoden's valiant steed from Tolkien's Lord of
the Rings Trilogy. He is not meant to be a portrait of the horse from the movies as he
was started before the first LoTR movie even came out.

I started Snowmane from a humble Breyer Polo Pony. I raised one of his legs and
tucked his head. He also has newly scultped mane and tail; carved ears, hooves, and
nostrils; new "stallion parts"; and sculpted tack made from epoxy putty. He is painted
entirely in oils and I used lots of pearl and irridescent colors in his mane and tail to
give them a snowy gleam. His eyes, inner nostrils, and hooves have been glossed for

Snowmane's tack is chock full of LoTR symbols. Below, you can see the baleful Eye of
Sauron in the center of Snowmane's saddle seat. Around it are 3 rings of power. And,
although you cannot see it well, Snowmane's base reads: "Faithful servant yet master's
bane, Lightfoot's foal, swift Snowmane". This was the epitaph carved upon
Snowmane's tomb after the brave stallion was killed in battle.
In this picture and the picture directly
below, you can see Snowmane's complex
breastcollar. In the center is The One
Ring. Above it are two stones: the green
Elvenstone, worn by Aragorn; and the
clear Arkenstone, most treasured gem of
the Dwarven Kingdom Under the

To either side of the breatscollar are the
black wings of the Nazgul. The single
smoky Austrian crystal in Snowmane's
bridle symbolizes the darkness on the
horizon of the coming war with Mordor.
In the above pictures, you can see the three rings in Snowmane's saddle. These are the
three Elven Rings of Power. The clear stone is Vilya, Ring of Air, worn by Elrond; the
red stone is Narya, Ring of Fire, worn by Gandalf; and the blue stone on the other side
is Nenya, Ring of Water, worn by Galadriel.

Snowmane's saddlepad is in itself symbolic. It is green, one of the colors of the
Rohirrim, (the other being white, which Snowmane himself is).

Snowmane's saddle straps are engraved with Tengwar runes. If you begin on his left
shoulder, follow it around his rump to his right shoulder, the runes read: "One Ring to
rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness
bind them."

Snowmane's carousel pole is wrapped with the golden vines and leaves of the beautiful
Mallorn trees of Lothlorien, home of Galadriel, Lady of Light.

Snowmane is owned by Debbie Willis.
"And there stood Meriadoc the hobbit in the midst of the slain, blinking like an
owl in the daylight, for tears blinded him; and through a mist he looked on
Eowyn's fair head, as she lay and did not move; and he looked on the face of the
king, fallen in the midst of his glory. For Snowmane, in his agony had rolled away
from him again; yet he was the bane of his master..."