Whitefoot is a Sarah Rose Nevada resin painted entirely in oils by
Dragonfire Designs to a lovely brown grulla sabino.
Whitefoot is a Stablemate scale resin, but she still has tons of gorgeous
details and attitude! While she didn't have sculpted chestnuts, that didn't
stop me from painting some anyways! ;-)
Whitefoot also has subtle primitive markings...
Whitefoot took me approximately 12 hours and 40 minutes to complete. This does
not include the time it took to mix paints or prep the model.
Whitefoot's eyes, inner nostrils, and hooves have been
glossed for realism.
Whitefoot's lovely face details...
Whitefoot's belly... And I actually did a halfway decent job of signing
this one... XD

Whitefoot is a part of my personal collection and is not for sale or trade.